Three factors were vital to the success of Alzira: long-term contracts of at least 15 years duration; capitated budgets and aligned incentives for primary care practitioners. In the UK things are a little more complex. We’re moving to captitated budgets but the Five Year Forward View does not commit to long-term contracts, so it’s not as easy for organisations that might be investing in integration now and making savings, to be the long-term beneficiaries. Workforce flexibilities are not as well developed here. Some Vanguard sites […]

Capitation and integrating healthcare

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Relationships with subsidiaries, and other legal entities where the Trust is a shareholder or member, can be complicated. Often Trust Secretaries and Directors need support and advice to navigate the rules and regulations for private companies, and to establish frameworks for effective decision making and risk management. We can help with questions like: Is there central knowledge and understanding of the extent of the Trust’s subsidiaries and membership in legal entities? Is there understanding about what the Trust’s subsidiary governance framework should look like? Is […]

Health Adviser Alert – Trust Subsidiaries and Investments in Legal Entities

According to a theinformationdaily.com, “public sector austerity is set to continue, governments across the world are looking to forge new relationships with their suppliers based on social value.” Professor Olinga Ta’eed recently drew my attention to this video, where he explains to theinformationdaily.com how suppliers to the public sector will be required to deliver resources back to the communities served by the organisations they are doing business with. This has far-reaching implications for businesses supplying the public sector.     Visit theinformationdaily.com for the original article.

VIDEO: Social value to redefine public/private sector relations in times of austerity

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We highly recommend this video to anybody interested in governance, quality and risk in the NHS. Judge Mervyn King, a long-time friend of the late Nelson Mandela, speaks with deep commitment about the responsibilities of directors in the NHS, and the courage required to take difficult decisions in times of budgetary constraint. Judge Mervyn King Mervyn Eldred King (born 22 July 1937, Johannesburg) is a South African corporate attorney, arbitrator, mediator, corporate director, commission chair, author and speaker. A former judge of the Supreme Court […]

NHS: Mervyn King on the Challenges Faced by NHS Boards