Company Secretary

General counsel
Are you a general counsel and also company secretary? Private companies do not have to appoint a secretary unless their articles of association require them to, although larger private companies would often choose to appoint one. A public limited company must have a secretary. If you have been formally appointed company secretary, duly registered at Companies House, even if not on the board of directors in your role as general counsel, you are an officer of the company under the Companies Act. As an officer […]

For the general counsel who is also company secretary

Board succession planning
The role of the company secretary is being refocused, recalibrated and it is gaining greater prominence At a roundtable hosted by Governance + Compliance magazine in July, seven of the UK’s foremost governance professionals met to discuss the pivotal role of the company secretary. The meeting followed the publication of ICSA’s report The Company Secretary: Building trust through governance, which found that company secretaries ‘make a significant contribution to board performance’, supporting ICSA’s wish to reinstate the legal requirement for all large private companies to […]

Guardians of Governance – ICSA Roundtable