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The Governance Advisory Practice
In many ways this is strange as there is no shortage of literature offering opinions on styles of leadership, matters reserved and appropriate behaviours for board members. The English model of corporate governance is imitated to varying degrees throughout the world and certainly sets a benchmark by which other systems are judged, even when they are strikingly different. There are a number of key features of our system of governance which need to be remembered: The principle of collective responsibility, delivered normally through a unitary board […]

What is a Board for anyway?

The Governance Advisory Practice Health Adviser Alert
Relationships with subsidiaries, and other legal entities where the Trust is a shareholder or member, can be complicated. Often Trust Secretaries and Directors need support and advice to navigate the rules and regulations for private companies, and to establish frameworks for effective decision making and risk management. We can help with questions like: Is there central knowledge and understanding of the extent of the Trust’s subsidiaries and membership in legal entities? Is there understanding about what the Trust’s subsidiary governance framework should look like? Is […]

Health Adviser Alert – Trust Subsidiaries and Investments in Legal Entities